Emotional Problem Solving Ltd is the sister company to The M Word (Emotional Problem Solving) cic and provides the training behind TMW for professionals and parents alike. Founder and Director, Lavinia Dowling, is a licensed Mental Health Nurse and has a small team looking at Research and Training. 

EPS offers the following 
  • ‘The Expert Parent Program’ – a bespoke package around your child’s Autism and Anxiety
  • Training videos for all as part of Continuing Professional Development
  • Training in schools for Teachers around Mental Health and Autism (incl masking and PDA)
  • Training in schools for pupils to help understand self-care in and around Mental Health and Autism (incl suicide awareness)
  • Research projects (eg the evolving journey of Autism and PDA, Autism and Panic Disorder)
  • Publications around research into Mental Health and Autism (data collected from TMW)
  • Lectures on aspects around Mental Health and Autism
  • Liaising with Government and NAS representatives raising awareness around Mental Health and Autism (eg Scottish MPs and PDA, and National Autistic Society)

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