A real favourite with many of our parents is our bespoke package  ‘The Expert Parent Program’. Many parents have complained bitterly of being sent on ‘another parenting course’, and being told their parenting skills are weak, poor and not providing sufficient boundaries for their child or children. Parents feel at a loss, isolated and frustrated knowing that tougher boundaries is going the wrong way about things in supporting their Autistic child. They do not wish to change their child and cause further anxiety and low mood, but would rather work to understand how best to support their Autistic child by tweaking their parenting skills.


Many schools believe they understand Mental Health and Autism. Yet the volume of complaints from parents across social media platforms, and interactions with The M Word (Emotional Problem Solving) cic, it would appear that schools have a very different agenda and have little care of the impact they have on their young people. If you think it is acceptable to frog march a child from their safe place (home) or insist they come in their pjs, or cannot recognise when a child is masking or fawning, it would suggest that training in these areas have failed you. 

Many young people on the Autistic Spectrum do not find therapies such as Cognitive Behaviour Therapy (CBT) helpful for their anxiety, nor do they find rewards and sanctions helpful. Nor are parenting courses such as ABA, Triple P, Emotional Freedom Techniques considered helpful to parents or young people who have Autism, ADHD and PDA. By staff missing obvious and less so obvious signs of fawning or masking means that many young people deteriorate with their mental health. This is distressing when a young person feels ignored, not validated, and subsequently unsafe because of adults ignoring, dismissing or discrediting their unmet needs. 

Teachers are not Mental Health nurses, nor are they Autism specialists, and most certainly not a specialist in both. Emotional Problem Solving Ltd is an expert in both and is here to support, train and empower Teachers to identify, support and signpost to help the young person to be able to access education of some sort that does not impact on a young person’s mental health.

Health Professionals 

Not many professionals have been trained in learning about Autism and ADHD. PDA (Pathological Demand Avoidance) does not currently exist in the DSM III or NICE Guidelines, which is frustrating for many clients who have a formal diagnosis or definite traits of PDA. Clinicians often miss traits in triage and assessments which can have a negative impact for clients who get diagnosed incorrectly, and then continue to deteriorate further with their mental health. Emotional Problem Solving Ltd is able to provide training courses that support Continuing Professional Development (CPD) as well as provide informative and useful information to aid understanding and recognition in and around Autism, ADHD and PDA. By being better informed, it is hoped that appropriate care and signposting will be offered to clients at an earlier stage to support a young person’s Mental Health alongside their Autism. Rather than allowing them to further deteriorate, which appears to be the current standard practice across the UK due to overstretched resources, which then potentially increases the risk of experiencing a mental health breakdown. 

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